Students may walk or ride their bikes to school starting Monday, April 19th.

Girl on Bike image
  • AM Arrival- students in the AM must be accompanied by an adult and they will need to show the “green symptom screener check” before being allowed to enter the school. Parents will have to leave campus quickly after drop-off.
  • PM Dismissal- students that are bike riders/walkers will begin to be dropped off in the media center on April 19th. Parents will be expected to wear masks and social distance while they wait outside and leave campus immediately after they have picked up their child. Parents will not be allowed to park and come to the door to pick-up children. They must wait in the car line.
  • Mrs. Lafferty (crossing guard) will begin to do our crosswalk again on April 19th in the afternoon.
  • No child will be allowed to come to campus or leave campus without an adult.