Congratulations to Ms. Lauren Kovach for being selected our Grand Oak 2020-21 Teacher of the Year!

It is so well deserved and we are proud of her!

Congratulations to the following staff for receiving a nomination for Teacher of the Year!

Alicia Waters (Art)
Chrystal Cavanagh (4th)
Deidra McGuire (2nd)
Emily Brown (Ext.)
Jennifer Ensley (1st)
Jill Thomas (K)
Kristina Mundy (1st)
LaKeitha Boone (5th)
Laura Cartwright (2nd)
Lauren Kovach (Ext.)
Lindsay Shore (3rd)
Lynn Farmer (3rd)
Nancy Carpenter (K)
Patty Smith (3rd)
Shadi Tayarani (EC)

We’d also like to share a special congratulations to Alexis Espin (Guidance) for being nominated, though she is not eligible based on the district guidelines. She is definitely deserving of our thanks and recognition as well!

We are proud of all of you and blessed to have you at Grand Oak!

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