Remote Learning Attendance Requirements

We know that many parents have been asking about the attendance requirements for remote learning. See below for the different ways a child can be marked as “present” for the day.
In the event that a student is unable to log into live lessons due to device/connectivity issues, isolated home-related occurrences, or longer-term hardships, the family/student must inform the teacher so that additional considerations for accurately noting student daily attendance. Below are the other ways students can be marked as present.
a. Completes daily lesson/ module(s) as assigned by teacher, and submits classwork within 1-day of assigned date
b. Evidence of engagement with course content (students can complete Canvas modules, posts to discussion boards, enrollment in 100% asynchronous courses, etc.)
c. Two-way course content-related communication between student & teacher discussing their learning and getting feedback on completed tasks
d. Absent for live online instruction but watches recording of instruction on Canvas, watched assigned videos or reading selections, or other class assignments on same day\
e. If a student is absent but reports a short or long-term hardship AND submits classwork within 1 day of the assignment date, the student should be marked present.
Examples of short term hardships can include but are not limited to:
– loss of internet, cannot log in
-necessary doctor appointments
-power outage
Examples of long term hardships can include but are not limited to:
-childcare issues
-full-time work complications
CMS Attendance Flyer

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