PTA Board Meetings

The PTA Board meets one Monday evening a month to discuss upcoming events, volunteer opportunities, and issues concerning our school. Attendees typically include PTA board members, committee chairpersons, teacher liaisons, and administrators. ALL PTA MEMBERS ARE WELCOME TO ATTEND! Zoom link will be posted prior to each meeting. 

2020-21 Meeting Dates:

Monday, August 31st

PTA General Meetings

Several times each school year, the PTA holds a general meeting for all of its members to nominate and elect the current years board members, and to approve its operating budget. These meetings usually last about 15 minutes typically take place immediately prior to a school performance or other school wide event. Since the school is currently closed during the pandemic, two virtual meetings will be held.

2020-21 Meeting Dates:

Thursday, August 27th, 7 pm- Elections of the Board Members

Monday, September 21st, 7 pm- Approval of Budget

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