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Grand Oak Families:

It has been another busy but productive week. We know there continues to be bumps in the road, but we want to thank you for your ongoing support and patience. I have spoken to many of you, hearing stories of both success and emotional struggle. We know we are asking a lot of our families and the amount of screen time for children is more than we would like. The staff understands your struggles as we are experiencing many of the same feelings you are. Know that we are hearing you, making modifications to the amount of tasks we are asking children to complete, creating more time for breaks and we are committed to do all we can to support our school community. As always, please reach out if you have questions and we hope you had a restful weekend!

We also wanted you to be aware that teachers will be sending out info soon about our annual district bully lessons that we must complete. In compliance with OCR directives, CMS has developed age-appropriate lessons for all K-12 students on the following mandated topics:

  • Sexual and gender-based harassment
  • Consequences of sexual and gender-based harassment
  • Steps to take if they or another is being harassed based on sex/gender
  • Encouragement to report such harassment
  • Safe strategies for bystander intervention

Grand Oak teachers will deliver instruction using the CMS created lessons during the month of September during their live instruction time. All students must receive instruction on the above topics, unless a parent/guardian completes an opt-out form. Parents can view/review the lessons if interested. Opt-out forms will be sent by teachers along with the date that the lessons will be completed.

Mr. Giovanelli & the Grand Oak Team

Published Friday, August 28, 2020