Hello Grand Oak families!
Thank you to the 246 families that took our Remote Learning Survey in Mid-September. We will continue to use this info as we make improvements in our program. Here are the results for each section:
1. How do you feel remote learning has been for your child?
49.6% (excellent/good), 40.2% (fair), 10.2% (poor)
2. How is the process of logging in and accessing Canvas?
77.2% (Easy/OK), 22.4% (tricky), <1% (impossible)
3. How long has your child taken to complete independent tasks?
48% (1-2 hrs), 28.9% (3 hrs +), 23.2% (less than an hr)
4. Do you have what you need technology-wise at home?
99.2% (yes), <1% (no)
5. How has the academic work been for your child?
72.7% (just right/easy/very easy), 25.2% (difficult), 2% (very diff.)
6. How do you feel about your child’s screen time?
60.2% (too much), 36.6% (perfect), 3.3% (not enough)
7. How is the process of submitting work?
62.6% (OK/Easy), 36.2% (tricky), 1.2% (impossible)
8. How do you feel communication has been from school?
89.7% (excellent/good), 9.4% (ok), <1% (poor)
9. My child’s remote learning schedule is working well?
65.3% (strongly agree/agree), 24.9% (disagree), 9.8% (strongly disagree)
10. do you have someone at home to support your child during remote learning?
61.2% (yes), 33.5% (somewhat), 5.3% (no)
Link to Survey

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