Homework Materials Can Be Picked Up at School

Monday, March 16th will be a busy day at Grand Oak and we will need your help to make it run smoothly. At 12:00 we will begin having grade-level parents enter the building. We will allow 1 person per family to enter, go to classrooms and pick up student materials that are already out and labeled on student desks. Here is our schedule:

K: 12:00
1: 12:30
2: 1:00
3: 1:30
4: 2:00
5: 2:30

It will be very important that we are only having 1 person coming in and that it is a quick process (in and out). If a family has students in multiple grades you will be able to stop by other grade levels at that time so you don’t have to return. We thank you in advance for your cooperation.

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