Remote Learning Supplies Pick Up Friday, August 14th

Our staff has pulled student technology, text resources, supply packs and other supplies that students will need for remote learning. This process will be for those that have chosen the Full Remote Learning option or the B+ option (but will not be sending students during the orientation due to concerns).
For safety reasons, parents and students are not permitted inside the building. A drive through process will be used to make this process easy for families. I ask that you please adhere to the schedule and follow the procedures as they are listed.
Pick-up dates and time for student belongings on June 14th:
These times will be based on your last name and will allow families to pick up for students in different grades at the same time for convenience.
A-F -8:30-10:30
G-L -10:30-12:00
M-R -12:00-1:30
S-Z -1:30-3:00
Pick-up procedures for parents:
• Parents will drive on to campus through the bus parking lot (NOT the main entrance) and drive to the area behind our gym.
• We will maintain 1 line of traffic to pick up and drop off items.
• Write child’s name and teacher’s name on a piece of paper to display in your car.
• You will be greeted by a staff member at the back of the school by the gym. Using a walkie-talkie, the staff member will call your child’s name so their belongings can be collected from the gym and brought out to you.
• A staff member will bring your child’s supplies to your car. Parents and students must stay in the car at all times.
• You will be able to pick up all of your children’s supplies on the same day.
• Once you pick up items you will exit from behind the school and then leave through our main entrance.