Grand Oak Families

We wanted to take a few moments to thank our families for showing compassion and understanding as we entered a new frontier this week! Those that have shared feedback, love and patience have been the people that help our teachers continue to learn and push-through.

Though everything wasn’t perfect, we continue improve, use feedback that we are getting and making adjustments to help our kids. We understand that screen-time is a concern and we will continue to fight this battle in a remote environment, but we are hearing you.

Please make sure you continue to share feedback (good and constructive) with me, Ms. Allison and your HR teachers along the way. It is the only way that we can continue to reflect and improve. At the end of next week we will send out a formal survey to our parents to gather additional information to help us continue to navigate this new world.

We thank all of our families again for their understanding and positive attitudes, the smiles, the snacks and even our awesome parent that offered to buy the staff pizza today. We are blessed to be a part of a special community.

Mr. Giovanelli & the Grand Oak Team

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