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There are so many opportunities to get involved at Grand Oak Elementary. Our PTA is made up of working parents, stay-at-home parents, grandparents, teachers, staff and friends of the school. We would love to help you find your place! Do you have a talent, or a skill you want to develop? Consider volunteering your time to the school. Below are the positions that are currently available for the 2019-2020 school year. Find the areas that you’d like to help and then contact us at

Staff Appreciation
This committee takes care of all the aspects of making our teachers and staff feel appreciated. We would like to have enough members so that everyone can focus on only *one* aspect of teacher appreciation – be it recognizing special days for staff and teachers, setting up for staff meetings, organizing the four teacher appreciation events throughout the year, or pulling off the Cookie Walk. Certain aspects of this job could be done from home – or if you want to spend time at school getting to know teachers and staff, this would be perfect for you.

Invest in the Nest
Invest in the Nest is the annual fundraising campaign for Grand Oak, where 100% of proceeds go to the school. This committee would come up with a timeline for sending things out, set a goal, and then send letters and emails to Grand Oak families. We would love creative ideas to shake things up! You will NOT be asking anyone for money directly – just staying on top of the plan. This could be done at home, on your own time.

This committee puts together the Grand Oak yearbook every year. If you have ever made a Shutterfly photo album, you can do this job. We would love to have a representative from each grade on the yearbook committee. This job can be mainly done at home on your own time!

Indoor/Outdoor Learning Environments
This is a great way to get to know teachers and staff, and the school. Talk to them, see what they need to make their jobs andour children’s learning environments better. This year specifically you would work with others to determine the ideal design forour “outdoor classroom” that we funded during last year’s Boosterthon fundraiser. The leader would also work with Mr. G to make sure our outdoor equipment (soccer goals, other play equipment) are working properly. This is a great one for someone who wants to get to know people inside the school and make a real difference at our school.

Do you love Grand Oak and want to share that love with others? Consider signing up to give tours of the school. We would love to have several people who could offer a certain day/time on their schedule to give a tour of the school for new or prospective parents. We would have a sign-up genius, so that if no one signs up that day, you won’t need to come in. We will train you on what to say and do.

Family Fun Nights
Work with the Book Fair committee to plan and execute Family Fun Night twice a year, coinciding with Book Fair. Plan a few games, work with any vendors such as food, music, or community partners, and recruit volunteers to come run the games. This would be a great job for a dad (or group of dads) that loves to play!

Are financial documents more your speed? The audit committee meets monthly to review the PTA’s bank statements against ourrecord of expenses and revenues. You would work with our treasurer, who will prepare the documents for your review. Themeetings don’t take long and can be held anywhere at any time.

The advocacy committee is in charge of educating families on important issues, such as health and educational success of our students, as well as any community issues (bonds, elections, and safety issues). If an issue comes up, the committee could recommend an article to educate our parents by sending a flyer home in Friday Folders or including a link in the eNews. This position can be done from home – if you are interested in community issues, this would be a great job to help keep our parents in the know!

Friday Folders
Our chair, Amanda Owensby, has this down to a science. Consider stopping by on a Friday after drop off to help stuff folderswith various fliers from the school and CMS. This is a great position if you’re feeling nosy and want to peek in the classroom to deliver folders too! Young children not yet in school usually fill the PTA room during this hour, so this is a great job if you have children at home.

Bike/Walk to School Day
Twice a year, we participate in the National Bike and Walk to School Day. We need someone to work with Huntersville PD to make sure we have police escorts for our children that come from Birkdale, Wynfield Forest and MacAulay. The national organization also sends us stickers to hand out to children on the day. This is a great opportunity to do something importantthat doesn’t take long at all!

We would love someone who could maintain a volunteer database and stay on top of requests that come in, as well as talk to anyone interested in committees and leadership and help place them in a place that makes them happy. You would likely work with the President and VPs a great deal, to know what needs are. While you would need to be approachable and available to answer questions, this could mainly be done from email at home!

The sign (marquee) outside of Grand Oak needs to be updated semi-frequently to keep it up to date. This is an easy job that can be done on your own schedule. Mr. G and Kristina Magnuson will send the items that need to be on the sign. The second part of this job has not been done in the last few years, and we’d love to change that. Reach out to various local publicationswith information about things going on at Grand Oak, and see what we need to do to be included in these publications.

Father/Daughter and Mother/Son Events
The signature events of the year at Grand Oak are the father/daughter and mother/son dances. These are held on a Friday and Saturday night, and require many volunteers to coordinate decorations, vendors, food, gifts, and photography. If events sound fun to you, we could use your help! The committee meets regularly but a lot of work can be done at home.

One word: Spreadsheets. If that’s your thing, sign up for membership. We need someone to maintain a roster of PTA members, upload it to the PTA membership site, and check monthly for any new members that have joined. This can be done on your own time at home and is a very minimal time commitment.

Family Sporting Events
Work with local sports teams to organize outings for Grand Oak families. In the past we have attended Charlotte Checkers, Davidson basketball, and Charlotte Hornets games. Work with the company sales representatives to get dates on the calendar and publicize to our families. This can be done on your own time at home.

Help sell Spiritwear at Family Fun Nights. Deliver spiritwear ordered on the website to students in the classroom. Help finalize design and spiritwear offered for special sales, such as holiday. This could be a mix of at home and at school work.

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