Invest in the Nest Classroom Contest | Nov 15- Dec 15

Invest in the Nest logo
Invest in the Nest  is the only fundraiser at Grand Oak where 100% of donations stay at the school.  The PTA uses these funds for teacher stipends, equipment for classrooms, professional development for staff, and replacing outdated technology.
You can always donate to the fund, but this month’s contest focuses on class participation. The suggested donation amount is $50 per student, but any amount counts!  Once your child’s class reaches certain levels of participation (all percentages below), they will be awarded with these fun incentives:
  • When 20% of the class gives – extra recess
  • When 35% of the class gives – Hat Day
  • When 50% of the class gives – PJ Day
  • When 75% of the class gives – Hot Chocolate Party*
  • When 100% of the class gives – Donuts delivered to the class*
* we will accommodate allergies for these incentives!
You can give today by going to or by sending an envelope with a check (made payable to Grand Oak PTA) or cash inside with your child’s name and teacher on the outside.  Your donation is 100% tax-deductible.  Please contact Tiffany O’Connell at with any questions.
Thanks for helping us come together as a community to continue giving our teachers, staff, and students the best at Grand Oak!

If you have multiple students, consider submitting a donation in each child’s name so that they each get participation credits for this fundraising contest event.
Alternately, you may submit one donation and write multiple student/ teacher names in the submittal form.

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