Starting the week of May 10th, all students (except those in the Full Remote Academy) will begin in-person instruction for 5 days each week.  For more information about this change in schedule, please the CMS website.

Remember, each family is responsible for completing the daily symptom screener  and the bus rider attestation form each week. Keep getting in good habits and let’s get 100% every day!

COVID Positive or contact Occurrences
We need families to be forthright and let us know if there are any contact or COVID positive occurrences in your families. Notify our main office immediately so we can plan next steps to keep our staff and students safe. We appreciate all you do to help us be successful and please call the school with any questions. Don’t hesitate to call the school if you have any questions about any of the above processes.
May 10, 2021-
We have received some additional guidance based on Governor Cooper’s newest COVID protocols. Based on this new information students ARE allowed to take their masks off outside as long as parents are comfortable and students continue to keep social distancing. Again, based on the Governor’s new guidelines students are allowed to take masks off while outside at recess as long as they continue to socially distance. If parents have additional questions please call Mr. Giovanelli instead of our classroom teachers. Thanks for your continued understanding as processes change. Our community has been wonderful through all of this.

Daily Symptom Screening

Please make sure to complete the symptom screener for your student(s) EVERY day prior to coming on campus. Download the link to your phone, set a reminder alarm, put a sticky note on your fridge! If we don’t see the number of completions improve we will have to implement a process that will slow down our car pool immensely. Thanks for helping us be efficient and respectful of your drop off time. Please get in a habit of doing this before 7:30 each day to allow us to move more quickly during our arrival time.

Symptoms Screener
Symptoms Screener QR code

Making a Web Clip

If you want to make a web clip (an icon on home screen like an app) for your smart phone, here are directions to do so:

iPhone – Open the link using the QR code below, tap the share button, tap “Add to home screen,” rename it if you like, and tap Add.
If this does not work, use the attached QR code, and follow the steps above.

Android – Open the link using the QR code below, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, tap Add to home screen, rename it if you like, and then tap Add.
An icon will appear on your phone, and when you tap on it, it will bring up the form for you to fill out each morning.

Weekly Attestation Form (for bus riders)

 If your student is a bus rider, you will need to complete an attestation paper form on Monday and give it to the bus driver. This happens every Monday. Forms are located at the top of each schools’ web page on the CMS website. Bus drivers also have copies for parents.

Bus Rider Attestation Form Banner

COVID-19 Guidance for Parents & Guardians

Check out this COVID-19 guide that CMS has put together for parents/guardians. Get the answers to many frequently asked questions like:
  • What happens if someone tests positive for COVID-19?
  • How will our schools be maintained to prevent the spread of COVID-19?
  • How will I be notified if someone tests positive for COVID-19 in our school?

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