How will my child check into school for in-person learning?

A process has been put into place to check the symptoms of each person before they enter the school building. Click here for more information.

CMS has developed a symptom screener that is to be completed by each student each day before entering the school building.

Further information about the symptom screener, how to use it and links to the screener in multiple languages can be found HERE.

The direct link to the symptom checker in English is HERE. You will need your child’s student ID number to complete the form each morning.

If you want to make a web clip (an icon on home screen like an app) for your smart phone, here are directions to do so:

iPhone – Open the link, tap the share button, tap “Add to home screen,” rename it if you like, and tap Add. If this does not work, use the attached QR code, and follow the steps above.

Android – Open the link, tap the three dots in the upper right corner, tap Add to home screen, rename it if you like, and then tap Add.

What if my child is going to be riding the bus?

For students riding the bus, and attestation form will need to be filled out and given to the bus driver at the beginning of each week.

The direct link to the attestation form in English is HERE.  Other languages are available HERE.

What happens if someone at school gets sick?

CMS Coordinated School Health has issued a Guidance For Parents/ Guardians memo which explains what will happen should a student, teacher or staff member test positive for Covid-19.  Read it HERE.

If a child exhibits Covid-like symptoms while in the school building they will be moved to an isolation room within the school. This letter will be sent home with the student.

More Info on Returning to In-person Learning

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