Below is our Remote Learning Schedule for every grade level at Grand Oak this year. We have tried to make this as easy as possible for staff and families to navigate. To try and accomplish this, we have reduced the number of times kids would have to log on for “live instruction” from teachers. As you look at the schedule here are some of the highlights:

  • “Office Hours” and “Student Groups”- what is being done during these times are listed to the right of the schedules.
  • During “Student Groups”- We will use classroom teachers, teacher assistants, EC teachers, EL teacher, TD teachers and facilitators to support our students. As an example, if a child is “EC”, they will get support from their EC teacher during this time. Our EC students should all participate in the teacher “live instruction” and then get differentiated support during the daily student groups.
  • Every day you will have morning meeting “live” with your class and then use the same log in time to give your live math and literacy instruction. Special area teachers will also enter during this same live meeting to do their instruction with students.
  • Students/families may not be able to participate in every live lesson but we will be flexible. The key thing is that they are using Canvas and completing the daily tasks.
Attendance Requirements