October 28, 2020

Dear Grand Oak Families,

As we get ready to move in to Plan B starting on November 2nd please see the change in our daily schedule at all grade levels. The schedule you see will be the new schedule for each grade level. You will also see a key to the right side that will discuss what asynchronous (independent) work will look, the use of student groups, how specials will be for those that are remote and not in-person, and asynchronous Wednesday information.

If you have questions regarding the schedule you are welcome to email Mr. Giovanelli or your homeroom teacher. Students that are in the remote setting and not in-person will have the opportunity to Zoom in “live” for 30 minutes of math and literacy support each day and teachers will continue to work with them in small groups (they will share a schedule).

We will be asking a great deal more of our teachers starting on November 2nd , so please be patient as they now are being asked to balance having students in school for the first time, dealing with COVID safety expectations and also trying to continue to serve those students that are not in the building. We appreciate your patience as we transition back to in-person instruction.

Click the button below to view the schedule.

Thank you,
Raymond Giovanelli
(980) 343-2063

Remote Schedule