Grand Oak Dads/Male Role Models, WE NEED YOU!

Dates: September 17th, December 10th, March 11th and May 6th

All interested dads/male role models will need to be CMS Volunteer approved (go to to sign up now or refresh your information).

This is what the fun morning will hold:

  • Dads will meet at the main doors of the school at 7:15.
  • We will have ½ of the dads move to the bus lot and ½ of the dad out in our car line
  • Dad’s will high five, open doors and welcome students in both areas until 8 AM
  • Dad’s will come and be a part of the daily news program
  • Dad’s will then meet in the cafeteria briefly and receive a book to read to a class
  • Dad’s will have the chance to read to a class and ask some questions and even do a movement break with them (we will provide examples)
  • Once done reading you will drop off your book in the office and you can continue a great day!
  • If you wish to stay and help out in your child’s classroom, you are more than welcome to stay if your schedule allows you

Does this sound like something you may enjoy? Do you have additional questions? If you do, please contact Mr. Neil Joyce or Mr. Giovanelli

Can’t make one of these? Reach out and give us your information for future events.

Super Dad image