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Exercise and Child Movement

Research continues to pour in regarding the benefits of movement all day long within our classrooms. Another affirmation of why we have a specific focus on movement before and during school. More movement equals more engagement for kids and more LEARNING!
Here are some articles worth reading:

Daily exercise can boost children’s exam grades – new research

The Shocking Phenomenon That Shows Just How Movement-Starved Modern Kids Really Are

Of course, staying active isn’t just for kids:

6 Ways Daily Exercise Skyrockets Your Productivity


Though this article is from a middle school teacher, the rationale for a “no homework” policy is the same. We want our kids to work hard in school and still be able to be with their families and explore other interests.

Letting Go of Homework to Nurture the Whole Child

Emotional Health

This is a great read that talks about ways to work with your students (and yourself) to better self-regulate emotions. This is a skill that children and adults could benefit from and will help them be more successful.

Regulating Emotions