Hello Dads!

We love when our families come to the school and volunteer and so do our kids.  We especially love seeing Dads (grandfathers/uncles/males) at the school. What you can expect at one of the GOE Dads’ Day.  We will start off by helping with the drop off process in the bus lot, car rider liner, cafeteria and gym.   We will read books to our assigned classrooms and engage with the kids with questions.  If you need to get going to work you can leave and get your day started.  If you would like to hang out in your child’s room and help the teach you can do that as well.  Below you will see some more detailed steps related to the morning.

All interested dads will need to be CMS Volunteer approved (go to https://www.cmsvolunteers.com/ to sign up now).   Also please reach out to Neil Joyce at neiljoyce@gmail.com to be added to the GOE Dads’ list.

Current 2018/2019 GOE Dads’ Day Schedule

This is what the fun morning will hold:

  • Arrive by 7:20 and we will need you to sign in at our front office-then we will split dads up between our car line, bus lot and cafeteria. Your job will be to “open doors, greet students, give high fives and smile!”
  • At 8:00 our late bell will go off and our dads will report to the cafeteria and get a cup of coffee (if we have coffee).
  • 8:05- We will do a quick welcome and hand out books for our dads to read (K-5). If you would like to read two books in K-2, please bring a personal favorite. In 3-5 you can read 2 stories from the book you have.
  • We will have students escort dads to their classrooms and they will get a chance to read.
  • Once completed dads will drop off their books in the main office so Mr. G. can keep them and dads may leave at that time or if they have time, are welcome to stay and help in classrooms based on your personal schedules.
  • If you plan on staying longer than our classroom reading sessions to help in classrooms we need you to reach out to your child’s teacher to make them aware. We want to make sure we have things for you to do and your time is used well! We also want to make sure that we don’t have too many dads in one room as that can cause distractions.
  • Please make sure you have completed the volunteer process prior to coming to Grand Oak that day. https://www.cmsvolunteers.com/
  • We will try to assign most dads to one of their children’s classes but this is not always the case. Some dads will be in different grade levels and with different classes.

Does this sound like something you may enjoy? Do you have additional questions? If you do, please contact Mr. Neil Joyce at neiljoyce@gmail.com or Mr. Giovanelli at raymond.giovanelli@cms.k12.nc.us.

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